“The People in the Line” – Monday Musical Musings


I am touched again by a song that helps me to put things in perspective, as well as reminds me of how focused I can be on myself.


As I listen to today’s piece of music, I am reminded of Jesus’ parable from Matthew 25:31-46 and His words from Matthew 7:12 and the words Jesus spoke in John 15:11-14.


I know I’m guilty of being impatient, or judgmental or unsympathetic at times, but after re-reading Jesus’ words and the lyrics to this song, I realize that I am far too selfish and busy and tired and blind to those who are hurting around me.


Now don’t think that I’m being too hard on myself. Maybe I’m “okay” at this, but I need to be better. I need to show Jesus’ love in all circumstances. So I am challenging myself to do so.


Perhaps you could try just a little harder to do the same. I can’t help but imagine what our lives would be like if we all thought about the people in the line, on the road or in the pew through Jesus’ eyes instead of our own.


“The People in the Line”


The people in the line, they make me pretty mad sometimes.

Days when I got a lot to do, they do something so the line won’t move.

But things being what they are,

Chances are good that there’s a broken heart

Standing in front of me or right behind

And I know it’s Jesus who brings that to my mind.

About the people in the line.


The people on the road, in the traffic everywhere I go;

Cut in front or pass me way too fast.

I go crazy when they drive right past.

But I wonder if it just might be there’s someone,

Somewhere that they need to reach;

They’re driving barely hanging on to hope.

So I pray to have more grace for things that I don’t know,

About the people on the road.


People all around me that I barely see in need of mercy, in need of peace;

Struggling underneath the heavy load.

Jesus died for people in the line and people on the road.


The people in the pew, the one sitting next to me and you.

The mom who’s face is frozen in a frown, her son is sitting in a cell downtown.

A man is crying as we sing the songs; a girl with needle tracks all down her arms;

We’ve all got something that we’re going through.

Surely we’d have more love if we only knew about the people in the pew.


People all around me that I tend to judge,

Jesus only sees that they need His love.

And here I’m asking what I’m gonna do;

For the people in the line;

And the people on the road;

And the people in the pew.


You won’t want to miss this song. Click here to listen to the Talley’s sing their newest hit.


Grace and peace be yours in abundance,




“The People in the Line,” The Talley’s

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