Another Break – Day 5


We’ve finally arrived at the day for a beautiful baby shower for my newest (not quite born) grandchild, Liam Daniel! I can’t wait to introduce you to this little one in a few short weeks.


Enjoy today’s repeat blog post…what a fun experience! Blessings!


Climb the High Mountain


IMAG2196mOver the weekend, my husband and I took a trip to the mountains. It was a beautiful time to be in the Rocky Mountains. Everything is so green right now and the wild flowers were out in abundance. It was a wonderful trip.


At one point, I was sitting in the car by myself on the passenger side (this is unusual when we’re in my vehicle). The driver’s door opened and a woman got in. She was surprised and embarrassed. We laughed. She got out and walked to her red vehicle. It was a great encounter.


Further on, we walked around Sprague Lake. There were two couples who seemed to be having a wonderful time reconnecting. They were laughing, snapping pictures, and anyone around them could not help but be infected with the joy they were experiencing. They asked if I could take a group picture of them, so I did. Afterwards, we sat on the same bench and they took a few pictures of my husband and me.


God taught me a few things on this little venture.



While there are some bad surprises in this world, the good surprises are what bring joy to our lives. Those chance encounters with old friends or a phone call out of the blue. Maybe a card in the mail or a bouquet of flowers. These surprises warm our hearts and bring a smile to our faces.


And you know how much you enjoy these surprises, so why not surprise a friend or a loved one in the same way you’ve been surprised? Share this joy with others. You will be encouraged as well.



The folks that Mason and I encountered on this journey were from all walks of life. Young families just starting out to grandparents caring for their grandchildren to everything in between. Some were laughing, some were quiet, some were skipping, some were hobbling. But when eyes met and a smile was shared, each person felt the connection.


The connection that we are all on a journey. Where we are headed is important, but what we do with our lives on that journey is what counts. Our words, our actions, our attitudes, these are what make our journey sweet or bitter.


And we know that God is with us on this journey. Look at what the Israelites were told. “The Lord your God has blessed you in all the work of your hands. He has watched over your journey through this vast desert. These forty years the Lord you God has been with you, and you have not lacked anything.” (Deuteronomy 2:7 – NIV) I believe that as faithful sojourners, these words apply to us as well.


As we head out into our day-to-day lives, let’s keep in mind that we are going to have surprises and encounters along the way. But we can be assured that we are not alone. If you need to be reminded of this, take a look at Psalm 16:11, Psalm 23:3, Psalm 119:35, and Psalm 142:3.


I’d like to share a poem I found about climbing a mountain. I pray that you will be inspired to live life to its fullest and to make this journey with Jesus by your side.


Climb the High Mountain


Climb the high mountain

Up God’s pathway

Looking unto Jesus

Lest you go astray.


Climb the high mountain,

Hard it may seem.

With Jesus as your guide

You will find your dream.


A life that is filled

With His love and His peace,

A life now and beyond

That will never cease![i]


Grace and peace be yours in abundance,



[i] Climb the High Mountain, Perry Boardman

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