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Thanksgiving Break – Day 4

  I will be visiting my Ohio family for Thanksgiving this year. While I’m away, I’ll be sharing some older blog posts about music…long before there was March Musical Musings or Monday Musical Musings I wrote about music. So enjoy these pieces and I’ll see you on December 2! Just in time for some Christmas […]


 The Feet of a Deer

  A few weeks back, I mentioned that I purchased two air plants. I hoped that I would be able to keep these two plants alive without much care on my part. I was wrong.   I believe one of them is not going to make it. I separated the two plants, but it’s not […]


“Let Faith Arise” – Musical Musings in March

I write today in memory of my grandson who is celebrating his 2nd heaven day today. I miss him and am saddened that there are not more “Baba/Archer” moments to treasure in my heart. I am blessed however, to be able to call him “grandson.” You will always be in my heart!   The song […]

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