As the director of women’s ministry at one of our church campuses, I thought it would be good to offer a summer Bible study. I wondered if there were other women like me who missed the structure of being in God’s Word during these long summer months. I prayed that there would be others who felt how parched a soul could become during this dry spell we call summer break.


???????????????????????????????What I realize today is that women crave fellowship and God’s Word during the summer. Just now I ordered another 20 books for this upcoming study. I already have 10 on my shelf at work. So yes, this tells me that there are ladies out there who desire to be students of the Word even though our schedule says it’s time for vacation.


As I’ve talked to ladies, I’ve answered lots of questions and have met some new ladies in the process. But what I found on Sunday is that my memory isn’t nearly as good as I want it to be.


One particular gal asked about child care. I still have piece to figure out, so I told her I’d let her know. The problem? I didn’t write her name down. I knew her. I thought I would remember who asked this question. The real problem? I couldn’t remember who it was.


I tried. I mentally walked through the lobby, trying to remember each person that I spent time with on Sunday. But nothing. There was no recollection of this gal. I couldn’t remember if she was a young mom or a grandmother. I prayed that she would approach me again this coming Sunday so I could connect with her again.


But what I earnestly prayed was that God would help me in this situation. That He would step in and help me remember who it was I spoke with.


I have to tell you, it wasn’t very long before I had an email from this gal. As soon as I saw the email address, I remembered. It was Sally! I also have to tell you, God is so good.


This was a big deal for me. But I sit here and tell you today that God is good in so many ways. Big and small, God shows up in mighty ways to remind me of who He is and what He is capable of doing. From sparking my memory, to keeping me safe as I travel, to calming my cramping toes during Praise in Motion, God’s goodness is visible all around me. I sometimes miss these precious gifts.


I’m too busy. I’m too tired. I’m too hungry. I’m too perplexed. I’m too anxious. I’m too “whatever.” It’s during these times when I miss God’s goodness the most. Oh how many of these gifts I’ve missed in my lifetime!


So today, let’s take note of God’s goodness in our lives.


It may be someone you encounter.

It may be a gentle breeze.

It may be a cool cup of water.

It may be a comforting touch.

It may be a special word of encouragement.

It may be a smile.

It may be the Northern Lights.

It may be a song bird.


Here’s the next step. After you’ve spotted that good and perfect gift from God, thank Him. Psalm 136:1 (NIV) says, “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever.” Thank God for the good He’s done in your life. For every good thing He’s given to you.


I learned a lesson from this issue. I will write down every name of every person I speak with on Sunday mornings! Not only will it help me to remember what I spoke to the person about, but I will thank God for the gift of that person and the relationship that I have with them.


I want to leave you with one more verse about God’s goodness. Enjoy your day. Keep your eyes open. Thank God for His goodness.


“For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.” (Psalm 100:5 – NIV)


Grace and peace be yours in abundance,



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