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“B” – A to Z Challenge

  I have struggled with reading through my life. I don’t know if my brain has a glitch in it (you can insert your remarks here if you’d like), but in the past, there would be times when I could not figure out what was on the written page.   I suspect it has to […]


Lessons from Scripture

  I love God’s Word. I love to read it. I love to study it. I love to listen to it. I love to apply it. I love, love, love God’s Word.   I also love to share what God’s Word says with others. That is the main reason I write this daily blog. As […]


The Bible

My family loves Christmas. We always have and we’ve passed that love down to our kids and grandkids. Since we’ve grown, we decided several years ago to exchange names at Thanksgiving and then buy gifts for the name of the person each received.   This year, we decided to give books for this exchange and […]


The Word of God

I’ve mentioned on many occasions how I love God’s Word. I’ve thought of Scripture as a treasure and held to it dearly.   A while back, I read something somewhere to the effect that we, as Christians, give honor to Scripture far more than we should. Yes, we should read it. Yes, we should study […]


Ring Tones

I love my smart phone. One of the features I love about it is that I can set specific ringtones for specific people. These ringtones were chosen carefully. They are ringtones that match a person’s personality or it might be their favorite song. When I hear a song or words, I know who is calling. […]

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