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Today is a day God made. He made it so that we might join with other believers to worship and honor Him in all that we do. I look forward to being in the presence of God through corporate worship. It is His day!


I share an older post today as I do each Sunday that brings our focus to our physical eyes and spiritual eyes. Enjoy!




I have an eye appointment tomorrow. It’s been well over a year since my last check up and I am beginning to see (or not see) the reason for making this appointment.


My vision isn’t as clear as it was when I first got my glasses.


In years past, I’ve tried bi-focals. I need them. But as much as I’ve tried, I’ve always gone back to ask for single-vision lenses. I’ve added a pair of reading glasses to the mix. They haven’t worked well for me either. So my only option is take off my glasses to do any reading.


Maybe this is the year that I can make bi-focals work. I doubt it, but you never know.


I am fortunate. I can see fairly well without my glasses. On my last visit to my optometrist, I was told that my vision was actually getting better! But if my children or my husband were to remove their glasses, nothing would be in focus.


There are times that I take my vision for granted, but when things become blurry or out of focus, I realize how blessed I am to have the vision I have.


Our spiritual eyes can get out of focus as well. If we are not focusing on Jesus or God’s Word, we can lose sight of all that God has in store for us.


My dear friend, King David, spoke of such times in the book of Psalm. Psalm 119 holds a wealth of wisdom, but in reading through this chapter, I found David’s vision failing.


Psalm 119:82 (NIV) says, “My eyes fail, looking for your promise; I say, ‘When will you comfort me?’” And in Psalm 119:123 (NIV) David repeats the idea. “My eyes fail, looking for your salvation, looking for your righteous promise.”


David shares what are thought to be his devotions in Psalm 119. In this chapter, we see David in multiple situations and times of joy or despair. These two verses seem to show David during vulnerable periods.


Poor eye sight, used in the Old Testament, were images of failing strength, grief, or depleted hope. In these verses, David was experiencing suffering. His spiritual vision was failing. He asked that God intervene and fulfill the promises He had made.


But we also see a vigilant David. David who knew that God keeps the promises He makes. Psalm 119:148 (NIV) shows us this David. “My eyes stay open through the watches of the night, that I may meditate on your promises.”


Yes, David knew of God’s promises. He had seen some of them fulfilled in his lifetime. And what better words to think of through the night than God’s abundant promises? During these times, David’s spiritual vision was 20/20.


For us, we should ask God to bring our spiritual vision in line with His. Another verse in this chapter gives the perfect words to pray. “Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law.” (Psalm 119:18 – NIV)


God has so much to teach us. God has so much in store for us. God has so many promises yet to be fulfilled in our lives. We simply need to keep our eyes focused on Him. We must keep our eyes open to see what we are to learn. We must wait patiently for Him to do His work within us.


I pray that you won’t take your vision for granted. Your physical vision or your spiritual vision. Neither should we neglect the care of either. Proper nutrition, exercise, and protection are invaluable for our physical vision. The same can be said for our spiritual vision.


With a healthy dose of Bible reading and study, prayer time, fellowship with believers, and the armor of God for protection, we can greatly improve our spiritual vision.


How is your vision today?


Grace and peace be yours in abundance,




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