“One Pair of Hands” – Monday Musical Musings

I think of all the days of my writing week, Monday’s are my favorite. I look forward to sharing a new gem I’ve found or and old resurrected piece. Sometimes I find it difficult to choose a song because there are so many out there. But when it’s right, it’s easy writing.


Music has filled my soul with joy for as long as I can remember. I recall riding in the car as a very young child with my siblings and my mom with music playing and I would sing right along with the vocalist. Mind you, I didn’t know the words or the tune, but I would sing anyway.


Music has been a good friend when lonely, a word of hope when discouraged, a spark when depleted, a boost when lazy, a reminder when sinful, an outlet when joyful. Music has been many things to me through the years.


Perhaps you feel the same way. Maybe music has been your best friend through life. If so, we are connected in more ways than we could imagine.


Perhaps we are connected another way. Through Jesus Christ. Like music, He too has been a wonderful friend. I could easily replace His Name in the section of music above. He fulfills all of those and so much more. For the love and grace I receive through Jesus Christ I am more than thankful.


Today the song I’ve chosen speaks of Jesus in the form of Creator, Healer, Savior, and Redeemer. I think you’ll enjoy this tune called “One Pair of Hands.”


One pair of hands formed the mountains

One pair of hands formed the sea

One pair of hands made the sun and the moon

Every bird every flower every tree

One pair of hands formed the valleys

The ocean the rivers and the sand


Those hands are so strong so when life goes wrong

Put your faith into one pair of hands


One pair of hands healed the sick

One pair of hands raised the dead

One pair of hands calmed the raging storm

And thousands of people were fed

One pair of hands said I love you

And those hands were nailed to a tree


Those hands are so strong, so when life goes wrong,

Put your faith into one pair of hands[i]


If you’d like to listen to this melody, you can click here.


Regardless of what you’re going through today, Jesus is the One you should be running to for help. He is there with arms open wide just waiting to hear your voice. His hands are available to lift you up when it’s all going badly. So as the songwriter says, put your faith in Jesus. He is all you’ll ever need.


Grace and peace be yours in abundance,




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[i] One Pair of Hands – Carroll Roberson. Words and Music by Billie Campbell and Manny Kurtz, 1970, Greenbar Music Corp and Seventh Son Music Inc.

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