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One of my greatest joys is to teach women about God’s Word and how it relates to our daily lives. I love how God used and uses His Bible to show us the inadequacies and the successes as we go through our spiritual journey. When I can share these truths with others, I’m so blessed.


DSC02392mI’ve had the privilege of leading several groups of ladies in the past. What I love about these groups is their desire to go a little deeper into Scripture to find the greater value of knowing God’s message inside and out. But they’ve gone beyond knowledge. They implement these truths into their daily lives. They live out their faith. They are spiritual warriors in their own worlds.


While I love getting deep in God’s Word, I also love teaching those who know nothing or very little about God. I love sharing the Gospel. I love sharing God’s grace and forgiveness. I love sharing the importance of learning and studying God’s plan through His Word.


Several years ago, I was asked to lead a study on a wonderful book called A Newcomer’s Guide to the Bible[i]. The book is a great tool for beginners, but I found it to be inspiring for me as well. It gives a clear view of how the Bible is a complete work. How it fits together perfectly. It shows that God had a plan from the beginning and how He connected that plan throughout.


We really wanted to use this in our women’s Bible study program, but the problem is that a person going through the book would never have to open the Bible by reading this book. My close friend, the women’s ministry director and I took on the task of writing a companion study to go along with the book. It was the first study I’d ever written and I must say I was hooked!


It doesn’t matter how many times I go through this study (and I’ve done it four or five times) I always learn something new. God always directs my study time to find something different to think about. Just as He has always done in the past.


You see, God’s Word is very relevant for our lives today. It is living and active. And it points us to the exact place we need to be in our relationship with God.


Perhaps you understand what I am saying. Verses pop out that you’re certain you’ve read before, but never meant anything to you until a certain moment. Or a passage will have greater meaning depending on what is happening in our lives. That’s how God’s Word works.


This also validates that we must never stop studying or reading the Bible. God will always show us something as we approach our study time with an open heart and mind. Don’t ever underestimate what God will teach you when you’re an eager vessel.


Perhaps we read verses of Scripture like Psalm 119:105 (NIV), “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” and wonder how God is able to do this. But He does. God directs us through His Word to show us the path we are to take. And as we study Scripture, we’ll gain more insight into that path and we’ll learn to hear His voice.


I’d love to hear from you about this topic. Have you experienced anything I’ve mentioned today? If so, how? What new information has God shown you through your study time? Has He pointed you directly to a passage that you needed for a specific situation?


I can honestly say that He has for me.


I pray that you’re getting into God’s Word today. I pray that new insight will be shown to you because of your eager heart. I pray that God will show you exactly what He wants you to learn today.


God’s Word is a precious gift to us. Let’s never take it for granted. Let’s spend as much time reading the pages of this book as possible. Let’s glean potential knowledge and wisdom from its inspiring words. Let’s see what God has to say to us today!


Grace and peace be yours in abundance,




[i] Armour, Michael C., A Newcomer’s Guide to the Bible. College Press Publishing Company, 1999.

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