“Hide Thou Me” – Musical Musings in March


If you were to turn on my car, you may or may not be surprised. The radio will more than likely be off. Why? Because I find my drive time to be a good way to reflect upon my personal relationships. With my family and with God.


IMAG1492If you were to turn on my car stereo, again, you may or may not be surprised. In my CD player, I have a CD that is an audio portion of the Bible. Why? Because I love hearing God’s Word spoken aloud. This CD overlaps 1st and 2nd Peter. I’ve been listening to these two books of the Bible for a while now…someday I will write a Bible study.


And finally, there is a memory stick with music on it. It’s all of my favorite Christmas songs in one place. As you may or may not know, I listen to Christmas music all year long. Why? Because I find great joy, comfort and peace as I listen to melodies about the birth of God’s Son.


Oh, on occasion I’ll listen to a message by one of my favorite radio preachers, but mostly, I stick to quiet, Scripture or Christmas music.


Today’s song talks about discouragement, complaining and temptation. The author of this song knew of the divine resource available when we find ourselves in these lowly positions. He knew the Rock of Ages was the One we could cry out to.


Like me, you may cry out by listening to Scripture. Like me, you may cry out by listening to Christmas music (or music of your choosing). Like me, you may cry out in the quietness. However you or I cry out, we must know that the Rock of Ages is the One to whom we must cry out.


So today, if you are discouraged, lonely or in despair, cry out to the Rock of Ages. He is the only One who is able to deliver. I am so thankful for this Rock!


“Hide Thou Me”


Sometimes I feel discouraged
And I think my works in vain
I’m tempted oft to murmur
To grumble and complain


But then I think of Jesus
And all he’s done for me

Then I cry, oh Rock of Ages

Hide thou me


Oh Rock of Ages

Hide thou me

There is no other refuge

Can save, oh but thee

Through this old world

I’ve wandered so far, far from thee


Then I cry

Oh Rock of Ages

Hide thou me[i]


Click here to listen to the Gaither’s version of this beautiful hymn.


Grace and peace be yours in abundance,



[i] “Hide Thou Me,” Words by L. R. Tolbert, Music by Thoro Harris, Singspiration Music, 1926.


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