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An Awesome Day

  Perhaps this is a bit strange…I’m listening to Christmas music, it’s 62 degrees outside, there is a robin singing outside my window and its October 28. What an awesome day!   I can think of some specific awesome days in my lifetime…weddings, births of babies and grandbabies, baptisms, graduations and many more. But what […]


A Little Snow

  It snowed last night, but according to our weather folks in Denver, it was just the precursor to what is headed our way this afternoon, evening and overnight. While none of them can agree on how much we are expected to get, they all agree we will get some substantial snow.   This morning […]


“Hide Thou Me” – Musical Musings in March

  If you were to turn on my car, you may or may not be surprised. The radio will more than likely be off. Why? Because I find my drive time to be a good way to reflect upon my personal relationships. With my family and with God.   If you were to turn on […]


Christmas in Nearly August (because I’ve already used Christmas in July)

  I haven’t mentioned lately, but I love Christmas. Just in case you’d like to know, Christmas is 152 days away. Yahoo! I love the lights, the sounds, the scents, the purpose, the gift-giving and especially the music. I love it all. I can even tolerate a little snow on Christmas morning!   There is […]


“Love Has Brought Him Here” – Monday Musical Musings

I enjoy listening to Christmas music and I also enjoy finding new Christmas songs that touch my heart. Today’s musical musing is about such a song.   I heard this tune on a Christmas album I rarely listen to. But when I heard and listened to these words, I couldn’t believe I’ve missed this one. […]

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