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As we continue our journey through the alphabet, we land on the letter “t.” One sure way to improve your attitude or boost your happiness is to tune in. In the article written by Ms. Marquez, she says there’s a reason the hit song “Happy” makes you feel, well, happy.


t“Listening to upbeat music with the goal of boosting your mood really works. As research shows, any tune will do, as long as it lifts your spirits and makes you feel exuberant.”[i]


If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that I love music. You also know that I love Christmas music. So I get this one. Listening to some of my favorite Christmas tunes puts a smile on my face. They make me happy!


Christmas music isn’t the only music that makes me happy. I enjoy all kinds of music. The era of big bands is high on my list. I love Gospel quartets. Andy Williams was one of my favorite crooners. Current praise music creates joy in my heart. I enjoy jazz and ballads. And early rock, well that makes me smile.


I don’t believe this is a coincidence. I believe God placed the love for music within as part of our DNA. Just look at the music that we see through Scripture. Moses had a song. Miriam sang. There was much rejoicing and singing when the Ark of the Covenant was brought into the temple.


Job mentioned that God had given him songs in the night. At the completion of the wall in Jerusalem, Levites were sought after so they could lead the people in praises to God. In the Book of Ezra, there is mention of a large choir.


The Book of Psalm affirms that music is important to our worship of God. Take a look at what we find.


Psalm 40:3

Psalm 57:7

Psalm 95:1

Psalm 98:1-7

Psalm 101:1

Psalm 105:2

Psalm 135:3


In the New Testament, we also see the importance of music in our worship and edification to one another. Take a look at these passages.


Ephesians 5:19-20

Colossians 3:16

Hebrews 2:12

Revelation 14:3-4


There is even a moment when we see Jesus singing. After the meal Jesus had with His disciples before His death, Matthew 26:30 (NIV) tells us that “When they had sung a hymn, they went to the Mount of Olives.” Music was part of these last intimate moments between our Lord and His loved ones. That’s pretty special


Do any of these passages or accounts from the Bible put a smile on your face? I suspect they all must have. Why? Because these are beautiful words from Scripture and they lead us to a better understanding of how we are to live.


We are to have a new song in our heart. We are to encourage one another by our worship and singing. We are to make Jesus famous through singing praise. We are to allow music to create hearts filled with gratitude. And these are just a few things music can do for us.


So, let’s sing. Let’s listen to music (or tunes as the letter of day dictates). Let’s enjoy this part of our being. And let’s allow the love of God to permeate our hearts and put a smile on our face.


I know what I’ll be listening to today! Do you?


Grace and peace be yours in abundance,



[i] “More Bliss, Less Stress: A to Z Happiness Boosters to Try Today,” Jennifer Rainey Marquez, Good Housekeeping, Vol. 260, No. 4, page 115.

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