Summer Reading Plan


This is the most difficult time of the year for me. Bible studies have stopped. My routine is out of whack. I flounder a bit. But eventually, my schedule settles and I find contentment in my day-to-day rhythm of life.


booksI thought I’d share one of my goals for the summer. My summer reading plan, because part of me telling y’all this is that I will be held accountable for what I’ve said. I will accomplish this because I’ve told you, my most trusted and valued blog reader my plan.


I’m already in the middle of this beautiful book called A Sudden Glory by Sharon Jaynes. It’s a borrowed copy of the book, but my plan is to purchase the book and read it again! It’s that good. Her main idea is that in Christ we “live and move and have our being.” (Acts 17:28) Good stuff.


As a partner book, I will be reading Becoming Spiritually Beautiful, again by Sharon Jaynes. In this book, Ms. Jaynes helps readers to understand that real beauty begins on the inside and works its way out. Another reminder to look at myself from God’s perspective.


At the Senior Administrative Assistants Conference last week, we had the privilege of hearing Joan Burge speak to our group about being the best assistants we can be. She’s written several books, but the one we received is Become an Inner Circle Assistant. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Especially in light of Jesus’ inner circle. I look forward to gleaning much from this book.


And finally, I plan to read through C. Gene Wilkes’ Bible study, Jesus on Leadership: Becoming a Servant Leader. There are seven principles of servant leadership and I will be asking God to join me on this journey of serving others with a heart like Jesus’.


Now I also have other things to do this summer. Write a Bible study. Handwrite a portion of the New Testament. Memorize Scripture each week. Read God’s Word on a daily basis. And prayer walk.


Perhaps I have lofty goals. But I believe my main and ultimate goal is to keep my mind occupied and to be with God. If I accomplish these, I will be content.


So what are your plans for the summer?


Grace and peace be yours in abundance,



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