“Good News from Jerusalem” – Monday Musical Musings


Don’t you love hearing good news. The birth of a baby. A job promotion. Health issues resolved. The return of a friend or loved one. A good day at school. These are all things we love to hear and are excited when we are the recipients of such news.


IMAG1492Sometimes when we hear such news, it is difficult for us to contain our joy. I know for me, that after hearing good news, as I thought of the news, a smile would break and sometimes I’d almost be giddy with excitement. Maybe you’ve experienced such joy.


I can’t even imagine what it must have been like for those who heard the good news from Jerusalem when Jesus rose from the dead. There were plenty of emotions in those moments, but eventually, these hearers must have broken out in jubilation. Their Friend, Teacher, Leader, Messiah had returned to life and His victory was theirs.


The good news for you and me is that His victory is ours as well. So today, let’s celebrate! There is “Good News from Jerusalem” and it is for each one of us. Here are the lyrics to this song and there’s a link after for you to listen to this uplifting piece.


“Good News from Jerusalem”[i]


Jesus was a man who was not like any other
He preached about judgement and a kingdom soon to come
Oh the people had never heard words like these
He stirred up the scribes and the Pharisees
so they began to plot against God’s one and only son


They led Him before the courts and the house of Pilate
In a trial they mocked and condemned this righteous man
Pilate listened to the crowd and he knew they lied
but when he heard the people cry “Crucify”
He tried but he couldn’t was the blood from his guilty hands


Jesus died on a lonely hill they called Mount Calvary
They laid Him in a tomb and a stone sealed Him inside
but three days later when the women came
shocked and excited when they reached His grave
they ran back to town and everybody heard them cry


Good news from Jerusalem
The cross on the hill where the debt was paid
An empty tomb where His body laid
A small upper room where they saw He was glorified
Good news from Jerusalem
He’s alive. He’s alive. He’s alive
Good news from Jerusalem
He’s alive. He’s alive. He’s alive


Two thousand years have passed since He ascended
Oh wars rage on in a world so lost in sin
Troubles and trials on every hand
Peace is coming to the promised land
When the King comes back we’ll shout it again and again


Good news from Jerusalem
A sign in the sky every eye can see
A crown that will last for eternity
A throne for a King who had long been prophesied
Good news from Jerusalem
He’s alive. He’s alive. He’s alive

Good news. Good news. He’s alive.


Click here to listen to glorious song!


The good news from Jerusalem is still energizing, uplifting and relevant in our world today. Now that you know the good news, who will you share this good news with? It’s too good to keep to yourself!


Grace and peace be yours in abundance,



[i] “Good News from Jerusalem,” words and music by Jerry Salley and Diane Wilkinson, Universal Music/Brentwood Benson Tunes/Lasso the Moon Music, 2011.

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