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Acts 3:1

  Remember earlier this week I shared my thoughts on Acts 3? There is so much in that passage, but one piece I’d like to remind you of this morning is that Peter and John headed into the temple to pray…not on a Sunday or even in the morning. It was 3:00 pm.   Yes, […]


Messages from John

  I know you know that I love Pinterest. I could spend hours looking at how creative others are in this world. But what I’ve come to know is that I live a lot through others. I pin their crafts, recipes, and decorating ideas, but rarely go back to create what I’ve pinned.   However, […]


Glue and a Stabilizer

My husband has been working on a new hobby. Wood working. Specifically puzzle boxes. Now he hasn’t actually built one yet. He’s still gathering all of the tools and supplies needed to actually make a puzzle box. And I must say, his little workshop is looking mighty fine.   He has made one thing however. […]

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