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Acts 3:1

  Remember earlier this week I shared my thoughts on Acts 3? There is so much in that passage, but one piece I’d like to remind you of this morning is that Peter and John headed into the temple to pray…not on a Sunday or even in the morning. It was 3:00 pm.   Yes, […]


Ring Tones (Sabbatical Post)

  I love my smart phone. One of the features I love about it is that I can set specific ringtones for specific people. These ringtones were chosen carefully. They are ringtones that match a person’s personality or it might be their favorite song. When I hear a song or words, I know who is […]


Billy Ray Visit – Day 3

  My brother will be visiting this week. My husband and I have taken vacation and we plan to enjoy our time together.   I will be sharing an older blog post each day this week. I have found enough blog posts that mention my brother Billy Ray, so you will get to know him […]


Glue and a Stabilizer

My husband has been working on a new hobby. Wood working. Specifically puzzle boxes. Now he hasn’t actually built one yet. He’s still gathering all of the tools and supplies needed to actually make a puzzle box. And I must say, his little workshop is looking mighty fine.   He has made one thing however. […]


Cup in Hand

Do you feel a bit sluggish this morning? I know that’s how I’m feeling.   But it’s Sunday morning! I want to be wide awake to experience all that God has in store for me today! So let’s get moving! Time to get this body and soul awake!   The coffee will do for my […]

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