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A Needed Break – Day 16

  I am back from Ohio, but still trying to get into my routine. So again today, I’ll share an older blog post. I pray that your day is filled with God’s grace and peace.   “Sing to the King”   “Sing to the King” is another catchy tune that I find myself singing quite […]


A Needed Break – Day 14

  I’ll be heading home today and my mom will be joining me! I look forward to several weeks with her around. I love her so much!   Thanks for allowing me to take this needed break. It’s been awesome! Have a blessed day!   “The King is Coming”   Music in my lifetime has […]


“The King is Coming” – Musical Musings in March (Sabbatical Post)

  Music in my lifetime has evolved from hymns to worship songs. And there has been plenty between. Christian rap and rock have found their place in hearts around the world and have presented God’s message with people who might not have listened to traditional music.   I am not sure Paul quite realized what […]


Hymnals – Monday Musical Musings

  Hymnals. These beautiful books line the pews of church buildings throughout the world. Within the pages of these books are hundreds of “psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.” (Ephesians 5:19) In our newer hymnals, you’ll find praise music in addition.   There is more to the hymnal than just music however. Oh yes, I love […]


“Shine Jesus Shine” – Musical Musings in March

I am down to the last two songs to share with you this month. And I must say, just because they are the last two doesn’t mean they are my least favorites. No, the last two songs thrill my heart each time I hear them. I stop and sing them if I’m moving about. I […]

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