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Tis the Season

  Good morning folks. I am struggling with my allergies this morning (they’ve been horrible all week!) and I can’t seem to get my head unclogged. So I am going to repost an older blog that is just as relevant today as it was early in my blog-writing days. I pray that God will be […]


Where Am I?

  You’ve probably been wondering what happened to me these past two weeks. Well, they’ve been super, uber busy! And I know I could add a few more adjectives to this word “busy,” but I think you get the picture.   I’ve had to compartmentalize my life. I’ve had to do what I needed to […]


What Do I See?

I am nearsighted. Now if you’re trying to remember how this works, when you’re nearsighted you can see things that are up-close but things further away seem blurry.   I have tried bi-focals on several occasions, but they just never seemed to work for me. So when I need to read or use the computer, […]

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