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I don’t usually share an older blog post during the week, but I feel the need to bring attention to Colorado and flood victims who are still struggling. There are still homes destroyed. There are still people displaced. There is still so much to do.


Flood 2To make matters worse, the snow in our mountains is beginning to melt. Run off could bring more flooding which causes anxiety for those who have been able to return to their homes.


Please continue to pray for our Colorado folks who were affected by the flood and pray that they will know the full extent of Jesus’ love.


Full Extent of His Love


Take a look at this verse of Scripture. “It was just before the Passover Feast. Jesus knew that the time had come for him to leave this world and go to the Father. Having loved his own who were in the world, he now showed them the full extent of his love.” (John 13:1 – NIV)


In the past I have related this verse to Jesus’ sacrifice. That certainly would show us the full extent of His love. But what I’ve never connected to this verse is that it was written just before Jesus washed the disciple’s feet.


Perhaps service toward our fellow man is showing the full extent of Jesus’ love to them.


I spoke with a woman yesterday whose home had not been filled with mud through the recent flood, but water had poured into her home and has damaged all of the electrical wiring in the house. They are unable to get assistance from FEMA or their homeowners insurance. They’ve been told their home is unsafe, the smoke detectors have been removed due to malfunction, and there is no fire service to their town. They have no money to stay elsewhere, so they have no choice to live in this home and pray for God’s safety and peace.


The only thing I could do in this situation was listen to this beautiful woman’s story, hold her hand, pray for her, and turn in her flood relief assistance form to our accounting department. I felt as if I hadn’t done anything.


I continued to listen to her story. A home destroyed in Hurricane Sandy. A disabled husband who has been diagnosed with PTSD. Hours of waiting for contractors to supply work quotes (and then contractors not showing up). Days and weeks without water or electric. Giving up one vehicle because they can’t afford the payments. And this list could go on.


But through all our conversation, this sweet woman smiled through it all. I’m sure she has deep hurt and pain beneath that smile, but to the world, she looks and acts as if there is nothing wrong.


While I don’t feel like I did a lot, sitting with her to acknowledge her pain and suffering meant so much to her. I pray that through me she was able to see the full extent of Jesus’ love for her.


So many outside of our little bubble believe everything is back to normal after the floods. We are far from that. While Samaritan’s Purse has pulled out of our parking lot, we have a projected 3-year, long-term plan to continue to work with people to make their homes safe and secure.


We are in winterization mode right now. Making sure that water pipes are well-insulated for the colder months ahead. Through the winter we’ll be able to work on the inside of homes and then in the spring and summer, there will be outside work to complete.


I drove past a road yesterday that is still completely destroyed and impassible. This is a reminder of the damage and the work that still is ahead of us.


Jesus had His work set before Him as well. Yes, this act of washing the disciples’ feet seemed small and unmeaningful. But when connected to the verse above, we know how very important our service to others really is. We are showing them the full extent of His love.


Please continue to pray for the folks here in Colorado who are still dealing with flood issues. Pray that God will give them the strength and courage to face today. Pray that they will not feel like they’ve been left behind and that there are still people here who want to help them. Pray that God will be glorified through it all.


Grace and peace be yours in abundance,



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