“Blessed Be the Name” – Monday Musical Musings


It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving. Maybe you’re feeling a little sluggish after eating turkey for days on end. Or maybe you decided to eat the deliciousness of this holiday in moderation. Whichever you chose, I pray that you had some precious touch points with those gathered around the table with you.


IMAG1492More importantly, I pray that you spent some time over these past few days thanking God for what He’s done in your life. To name a few, the provision and gifts that He has so lavishly poured into your life. I am so thankful for these and much more.


Today’s song tells us of how our great and mighty God would bless us each day with His presence. As you read through the lyrics and listen to the tune, I pray that you too will see how wonderful our God is and how much He has given each of us. Let’s not forget to thank Him for all He’s done.


“Blessed Be the Name”[i]



Blessed be the name of the Lord Almighty, He’s a great and wonderful King

Blessed be the lovely name of our Savior, He’s the Lord of everything

He’s the great I Am, He’s God in man, what a wonderful mystery

He’s Jesus Christ and He’s everything to me


I was feeling alone in the dark and the cold and He came and took me in

He put a mighty sweet Spirit of love in my heart where a mighty bitter one had been

I can’t understand how the Most High God could love a lowly soul like mine

But I’m so glad He did because I’m living each day in His love divine



Jesus put a wonderful Spirit of love in my heart for all mankind

I can cast all my troubles and care on Him and He gives me a peace of mind

He’s the Vine, I’m the branch, I’m abiding in Him and His words abide in me

I can ask anything in His will and my Lord will do it for me



Here’s a fun version of this song by The Singing Americans. Click here to enjoy!


Grace and peace be yours in abundance,



[i] “Blessed Be the Name,” no information about this song was found.

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