Certain Hope


Woke up this morning to a coffee pot that didn’t brew a whole pot of coffee. Apparently, soon after it began brewing, it quit. Just stopped. Without warning.


coasterWe do have a Keurig, so I searched for a K-Cup that was non-flavored…finally found one and had an okay cup of coffee. When the rest of the household woke, I scoured the basement for an older coffee maker to brew a pot.


Okay, I drank a cup of coffee, but it just didn’t taste like I had hoped. The flavor wasn’t as good as I am accustomed to. Great disappointment emerged. Guess I’ll be shopping for a new coffee maker after work!


We are in the season of Advent and I am using Season’s Illustrated Advent Bible Journaling study. So far, it’s exceeded all my expectations and I know this will be a special Advent season for me.


Yesterday’s passage was from Psalm 62:5. It says, “For God along, O my soul, wait in silence, for my hope is from him.” The study went on to talk about the certain hope we have in the Lord. We know we can trust and hop in Him because of all that He has done in the past. God has been faithful through my life therefore, I can hope to receive all the blessings and promises He has given.


I can hope to get a good cup of coffee each morning, but there’s no guarantee it will happen. On the other hand, I can have certain hope in God my Father because He is good. Always has been. Always will be.


What have you placed your hope in that has failed you? A relationship? A possession? A job? Unfortunately, things of this world are not always good and perfect, therefore, there is every chance that we will be disappointed.


But our God is good and perfect and every good and perfect gift comes from Him. Every time.


Today I would challenge you to grab hold of the certain hope we have in the Lord. You will not be disappointed.


Grace and peace be yours in abundance,



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