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Peace! Peace!

  It’s a peaceful morning. My office setting is quiet. I hear a few birds chirping outside my window. I am enjoying Friday morning (it is Friday right?) as leisurely as possible.   Now I would love to tell you that every area of my life is falling into this same status, but it’s not. […]


My Plants

  I purchased some plants earlier this year to use outside around my water feature. I put them in nice pots and as the weather grew colder, I conditioned them to be indoors through the winter. I had been mindful of these plants since bringing them inside. I was pretty proud of myself.   After […]


Billy Ray Visit – Day 7

  My brother will be visiting this week. My husband and I have taken vacation and we plan to enjoy our time together.   I will be sharing an older blog post each day this week. I have found enough blog posts that mention my brother Billy Ray, so you will get to know him […]


Proverbs 31

Well it’s finally happened. In the book I’m reading about wisdom, the author gets to the godly woman mentioned in Proverbs 31. You know, the woman that most of us look to and wonder if it’s possible. The woman who seems to have her act together. The woman who seems to make everyone happy all […]


Oh Little One

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. I enjoyed family. I enjoyed friends. I especially enjoyed my grand babies. There is something very special when a baby, toddler or child reaches out to you and wants to be with you. That happened several times yesterday and I am so thankful for the experience.   Babies bring […]

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