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Creative Bible Journaling and Trust

  Yesterday was our first class on Bible study journaling at Rocky. What a blessing to have nine ladies interested in this new way of looking at God’s Word. I pray that they will be as blessed through this process as I have been.   I want to share my devotion from yesterday on trust. […]



  I have to reset my password for my work computer today. You know, that pesky reminder pops up and says, “your password will expire in 2 days…you might consider changing it.”   Sometimes my attitude needs to be reset, but I don’t always get a reminder or an ultimatum.   The good news is […]



Brownies. What do you think of when you hear that word? For me, most of the time I think of those delectable, delicious, fudgy goo of wonderfulness that makes my mouth smile. But with the sale of all these girl scout cookies (on every corner it seems), my mind is transported to a different place […]



This has been a great week. I returned to my Wednesday evening group of ladies to continue with our study on prayer. What a joy it is to share God’s Word with faithful women who love God.   I also started leading a new group of ladies through my local church. We meet on Thursday […]

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