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A Quick Trip – Wednesday

  Hey! I’m in Ohio! Had to see that precious grandson again and see how good Mom is doing after her knee surgery. So, I’ve reposted an older blog post for encouragement. I pray that you have a blessed week!   My Shield   My husband and I watch the television program Blue Bloods. In […]


Blimp – Blogging from A to Z (Sabbatical Post)

  Blimps fascinate me. They have for quite some time now. Their quiet approach. Their smooth sail. The fact that they are very large and yet have the ability to float through the air. They are a fun mode of transportation and through the cameras fixed upon them, they bring a bird’s-eye- view to many […]


“W” – Blogging A to Z

  Just a few more letters and we’ll have gone through the entire alphabet working to boost our happiness and energize our attitudes. Today we are going to take a look at the letter “w.”   For the letter “w,” Ms. Marquez suggests that we have some wine. Here’s the thing. There is a history […]



  I have to reset my password for my work computer today. You know, that pesky reminder pops up and says, “your password will expire in 2 days…you might consider changing it.”   Sometimes my attitude needs to be reset, but I don’t always get a reminder or an ultimatum.   The good news is […]


“S” – Blogging A to Z

During the month of April, I’ve chosen to blog through the alphabet. Each day I will use a letter to share a Name of the Lord that begins with that letter based on Proverbs 18:10 and the fact that there is strength in the Lord’s Name. I pray you’ll be blessed and that you’ll stop […]

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