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High Winds – Blogging A to Z (Sabbatical Post)

  I live in Colorado. Over the past 18 hours, we have been experiencing some very gusty winds. Our personal weather station only records winds up to 30 mph…we’ve hit that mark on several occasions and believe we have gone above that speed.   There is some wind damage on our property. The winds cleared […]


“E” – Blogging A to Z

  I feel like we are flying through the alphabet during this Blogging from A to Z challenge in April. During this first full week of April, we begin with the letter “e.”   In the article I’m using as my alphabet guide (“More Bliss, Less Stress: A to Z Happiness Boosters to Try” in […]



An interest in genealogy has seemed to explode in our society. The websites that give help with finding information about our ancestors are very popular.   I am no different. I am interested in where I came from. Who came before me in my family. I recently looked at the 1940’s census to find out […]

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