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A Little Tease

  Good Sunday morning! What a week I’ve had! It’s been good and there is so much to tell you, but it will need to wait until Tuesday! Can you wait that long? I think this is what they call a “teaser.”   Today’s blog post is about worship. Pretty appropriate for today wouldn’t you […]



  Wow! Autumn has been fantastic. We’ve enjoyed mild temperatures and on this November 11th, there are still leaves on the aspen trees in my front yard.   We all knew it was too good to last. Yesterday morning we started out with temperatures in the mid-sixties. By the time I left work, it was […]


Blanket of White

Wow! We received our first snow of the season in my area last night. As usual, that first blanketing of snow is lovely. It satisfies a longing for beauty. It protects the plants and bulbs under its warmth. It provides moisture to our dry land. It brings a purity with it that somehow seems to […]


Second Verse, Same as the First…

This week you’ll be reading posts that you may have already read. I’m taking a little break from writing a post daily to prepare myself for a new job. I pray you’ll understand.   So of course there were a few posts about music to share (again) with you about music. But I chose this […]

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