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“N” – A to Z Challenge

  No snow in my neighborhood…yet. Colorado is under a winter storm warning and apparently it is snowing in some parts of the Denver metro area, but not up in my neck of the woods. But if the forecasters are correct, we are to get our fair share by the time Monday rolls around.   […]


“Holy Spirit Rain Down” – Monday Musical Musings

  Oh how I need God’s Holy Spirit today! Of course I need Him every day, but I could use an exceptional amount of His help today. I’m in a state of unrest and my heart and soul are uneasy. So when I heard this song this morning, I knew it was exactly what I […]


Beautiful Balloons

  This is one of my favorite mornings of the year. The anticipation. The sound. The sight. The satisfaction. Yes, it is a great morning for a balloon parade!   Each year, our neighboring town hosts a hot air balloon launch over a weekend in June. My delight is that I am able to sit […]


Blowing in the Wind

  We live in an area where there aren’t many mature trees. There are a few spotted across the horizon, but none close by. The larger trees are nearly always by a river or water source. This was farm land for a while. Before that, mining. And I am not sure, but maybe the large […]


Move On

  We have difficulty figuring out what to have for dinner in our home. I ask the same question each day, “What do you want for dinner?” and time and time again, I get the same answer, “I don’t know.”   On occasion, someone will have a clear answer. But for the most part, my […]

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