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What a Mighty God

  What a week I’ve had. I’ve been sick (either with a very short cold or a severe case of allergic reaction to the junk in the air). I’ve missed two days of work. My son turned 33 on Friday and my daughter turns 30 today (this just doesn’t seem possible!). My emotions have been […]


A Few Changes

  Our typical weekend includes a visit from the grandkids. After they are gone, I enjoy finding little evidences that they’ve been in our home. This morning as I walked into my office, I began noticing little things that were out of place.   My door stop (a rock) was in the recliner. The little […]


Don’t You Dare Give Up

  I have never watched Dancing with the Stars until this season. And to be honest, I record the show and fast-forward until I reach the portion of the show when Michael Waltrip dances. Michael Waltrip is my favorite NASCAR driver for many reasons. He’s funny. He knows racing. He is an entertaining personality.   […]

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