“Here is Our King” – Musical Musings in March

Today’s melody is a fairly new song by a young composer in comparison to some I’ve shared this month. I’ve only known it a short time, and yet, when I hear it, I’m touched by the words and I’m transported back to another time.


IMAG1492I learned this song for an Easter drama we were performing at LifeBridge Christian Church. The worship teams and ensemble joined forces to raise the message of Easter. And as Jesus walked into the room, we sang this song.


Oh it was exciting. Now I knew that Jesus really wasn’t walking into the room…in fact the man who performed this role was my neighbor. I knew who he was. So I would suggest that it was the music that drew me closer to the real Jesus.


Yes indeed. As I sang this song, Jesus was my King. Jesus was the One. Jesus was He who came to bring us back to God. And my heart still rejoices each time I hear this song.


Now you may not care for the style of music as presented in “Here is Our King,” but I would ask that you focus on the words. Do you find hope in these lyrics? Do you find love? Do you find purpose? Do you find redemption? Do you find peace? Do you find a call to grow spiritually? Do you find the return of a prodigal heart? Do you find Jesus? I certainly do.


Easter is coming. It won’t be long until we are singing with the multitudes of Jesus resurrection from the dead. Perhaps it is a time for your heart to be resurrected as well. Allow Jesus to penetrate your heart and bring you back from spiritual death. Then you too will join me in singing, “Here is Our King!”


“Here is Our King”



Here is our King, here is our love
Here is our God who’s come
To bring us back to Him
He is the One, He is Jesus

And He is our King, He is our love
He is our God who’s come
To bring us back to Him
He is the One, He is Jesus, Jesus


From wherever spring arrives to heal the ground
From wherever searching comes the look itself
A trace of what we’re looking for so be quiet now and wait
The ocean is growing, the tide is coming in, here it is



And what was said to the rose to make it unfold
Was said to me, here in my chest so be quiet now and rest
So be quiet now and rest
The ocean is growing, the tide is coming, here it is



Majesty finally, Majesty finally here[i]


Click here to listen to this beautiful worship song.


Grace and peace be yours in abundance,



[i] “Here is Our King,” Words and Music by David Crowder, worshiptogether.com songs/sixsteps Music, 2005.

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