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HAPPY NEW YEAR! (Sabbatical Post)

  It’s the beginning of a new year. 2013 has gone and overnight we rang in 2014. What opportunities await us as we begin this New Year!   I read a quote on Pinterest yesterday that caught my eye. As a writer it was appealing to me. “Tomorrow is the first blank page of a […]


Who’s Watching?

  Do you ever catch yourself watching someone? I do quite often. I love to people watch. But what is even more fun is to watch those you love.   Last Saturday, my grandkids, my daughter and I went to the zoo. There were plenty of people to watch there, but my four favorite subjects […]



  I’ve finished reading two of the books I’ve planned to read this summer. Phew! But before I move away from these books, I wanted to take some time to allow my thoughts and heart to be changed by the lessons I’ve learned from these books.   A Sudden Glory has allowed my spiritual eyes […]



  I’ve been awake quite a while this morning. I woke up and started thinking of all the things I needed to get done today and what I am anticipating.   To start with, we have a water leak. It’s a leak that my husband couldn’t repair, so he called a plumber. We expect him […]


Here I Am to Worship

Today is the second Sunday since the floods began. It’s another day to head into communities and homes affected by this disaster. It’s also another day to praise God for who He is and for what He has done.   I believe these two things go hand in hand. What I do to show love […]

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