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Baby Liam – Day 4

  I’m sure you feel like there isn’t enough time in a day…well I feel like there isn’t nearly enough time with this little one, but my time here is quickly coming to an end. I pray that you will find some encouragement from today’s repeated blog post. See you soon!   In His Presence […]


“Jesus, My Victory” – Musical Musings in March

  I have often wondered what the disciples of Jesus must have felt on this day in history. Jesus had died on the cross the day before and here they were left to wonder what had really happened. There were probably feelings of guilt, hopelessness, frustration, grief and loneliness just to name a few. I […]


Prayer Warriors? (Sabbatical Post)

  I’m working through a Bible study on prayer right now. It’s actually the third time I’ve read through the book and the second time I’ve done it as a study, this time with a group that I’m leading. The book is called “Follow Me” by Randy Sprinkle and I know I’ve mentioned it before. […]

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