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Harvest Time

  Let me tell you a little bit about my Scripture writing. I finished the Book of Acts and started working on Luke. I am leading a group this fall that will focus on what Luke has to say about Jesus, so I wanted to have this Gospel under my belt.   Well it didn’t […]


Thank You, Lord! – Blogging A to Z (Sabbatical Post)

  I believe every day should be a day of thanksgiving. But today, I am especially thankful for all that God has blessed me and my family with. I have a warm home on this cold morning. I have a loving husband who cares for me so well. I have a job! I have three […]


A Fruit Salad

  I remember a lot of things about my grandparents. Some are deeply touching, while other memories bring a smile to my face or cause me to laugh. One thing I recall about Grandpa Rich is when he would help out in the kitchen. His job was to prepare fruit salad for our large family […]


Thanksgiving Break – Day 8

  I will be visiting my Ohio family for Thanksgiving this year. While I’m away, I’ll be sharing some older blog posts about music…long before there was March Musical Musings or Monday Musical Musings I wrote about music. So enjoy these pieces and I’ll see you on December 2! Just in time for some Christmas […]



I am not a fruit lover. There I’ve said it. I’ve confessed it.   I really don’t know why. It’s not like fruit makes me ill. Or that I completely dislike the taste of fruit. If I have to eat fruit, I will eat it. I have even been known to order fruit in a […]

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