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What’s Important?

Yesterday was a crazy day. Started off with a little excitement and it continued through my day.   As I backed out of my garage to go to work, I was overcome with the odor of gas. There is construction going on in our neighborhood, so I thought they were probably the culprit, but thought […]


Kentucky – Day 5

I’m in Kentucky for a quick family reunion and then clearing out the remaining items of my great aunt’s home. It’s been a busy time and there hasn’t been internet access.   So for the next two days, you’ll be reading older posts. I pray that you will find great comfort and exactly what you […]


Down, But Not Out

I’m feeling a little better today, but having a hard time moving this morning, so please be patient with me. I’ve decided to take a day off from writing new material for my blog and share a post from last January.   Enjoy!   Just Plain Crazy!   I have seen some crazy things on […]


Blah, Blah, Blah

I’m tired. Have you said those words before? I know I have. As a young mother with three children 4 years and under, I was tired. But it never seemed to keep me from doing what was needed. What had to be done was complete. Anything else, well, simply didn’t.   During busy times in […]


Sweet Sleep

I am tired this morning and for those of you who know when I usually post my blog, you’re probably wondering what I’m doing and where I am?   I know of one gal who reads my blog each morning before heading off to work…sorry. You’ll have to read this one on your lunch break. […]

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