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  My mind is on overload. I attended the Global Leader Summit yesterday and will join the group again today. Leaders from all walks of life from all over the globe have gathered together to be encouraged by a few outstanding leaders of our day. What an amazing conference.   So I’d like to share […]


Love Does

This morning in our worship services at Rocky Mountain Christian Church, Bob Goff, author of Love Does, will be our guest speaker. It’s been an exciting time of anticipation for this particular Sunday. And now it’s finally here.   If you live in or around the Denver area and would love to hear Bob speak, […]


Praise God!

Yesterday I prepared for a dinner gathering with some friends. My guest list included the team I went to SE Asia with and the family we visited while there. It was a reunion and a blessed reunion at that.   As part of my preparation, I created a “to do” list. If you have been […]

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