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“Holy Ground” – Musical Musings in March

  The song I’ve chosen for today’s enjoyment is one that was popular in the 1980’s. I hear it on occasion and when I do, I’m transported back to the time when we would sing this song in a worship service.   Like Moses (Exodus 3:1-6), we have the opportunity to be in God’s presence […]



  It’s the beginning of a new year. What a great day to wake up and decide to follow Jesus no matter where He leads. I pray that as you worship with your local Church today, that your spirit would be stirred. I pray that your spirit would be awakened. I pray that you would […]


Milk Toast or Milquetoast

  In my little devotion book about the beach, the author mentioned milquetoast. I hadn’t heard this word in years and for certain didn’t recall seeing it in print, so I was intrigued.   Turns out, the word milquetoast was brought into our world through a comic strip by H. T. Webster. In The Timid […]



  This morning I will be sharing a blog post from my A to Z challenge. The post is about a shoe collection my Mom has. I know you’ll enjoy it.   This morning as we head to worship, perhaps we could revisit Moses’ encounter with God in Exodus 3. Moses found himself in God’s […]


“Fire Fall Down” – Monday Musical Musings

  I’ve said it before and I know this won’t be the last time I say it, I am so thankful for songwriters who are able to use their ability to give us meaningful songs like “Fire Fall Down.”   We sang this song in worship yesterday and it doesn’t matter how many times I […]

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