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Phoenix Respite – Day 3

  I can’t wait to share some of the things I’ve learned at this conference. It’s been very rewarding. However, no time to write here. So please enjoy one more day of repeated blog posts. I’ll see you in just a little while!   Never Alone   Reading. It’s one of those important tasks in […]


Get Yourself Ready Lesson 3

  Another week of Bible study in 1 and 2 Peter. Take a look at what I shared with my ladies today.   What a week we’ve had! I had to laugh as I got around to day 4 of this lesson. I thought to myself, “Wow! Does God seriously love me this much! This […]


“U” – Blogging A to Z

  By this time next week, the month of April 2015 will have been removed from your calendar and May 1, 2015 will have taken its place. April will be a memory. And the Blogging A to Z challenge for 2015 will be complete.   But wait, there are still six letters of the alphabet […]


Never Alone

Reading. It’s one of those important tasks in life that we must learn to master. Whether we read because we have to, or to learn something or for pleasure, reading is an important part of life.   I’ve added two new books to my stack. One is The Speed of Trust by Stephen M. R. […]

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