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Pinterest – Word of God Wednesday

  I haven’t shared Pinterest images lately, so today, I thought I would share some verses of Scripture that I’ve found on Pinterest. These aren’t just any snippets from Scripture, these are words of wisdom, guidance, reassurance, encouragement or precepts that I need to keep in mind today. Perhaps you could be reminded of them […]


We Begin Again

  It’s Sunday morning. The beginning of the week. It’s a great opportunity to start over as well. Maybe this morning you need to get up and get to church. Maybe this morning you need to work on a relationship. Maybe this morning you realize that you need to eat healthier this week. Maybe this […]


Beauty of God’s Word

  You know I love sharing my Pinterest Bible verse finds. So I have a few more to share with you. I pray that as you read through God’s messages that you’ll also find the beauty of the passage through the artwork. Enjoy!     If you would like to see more, click here for […]


Thy Word

  Once again, I’m drawn to reading God’s Word through Pinterest. Pray that you will find encouragement through these artists and the message they have chosen. Enjoy!     To follow more of my pins that display the Words of God on Pinterest, click here.   Grace and peace be yours in abundance,   Donna


God’s Word via Pinterest

I love Pinterest. I love looking at the creativity of others and tucking it away in my mind and on my boards. I’m especially drawn to the passages of Scripture that are designed to look appealing to the eye. Those pins get me every time!   So today I’m going to offer you some of […]

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