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Eagles – Blogging from A to Z (Sabbatical Post)

  On Sunday afternoon, we were sitting out front of our home watching the grandkids ride their bikes. This is one of my favorite things to do because I know the weather is getting warmer and soon it will be summer and because it reminds me of how quickly time flies. My grandchildren are growing […]


My Vacation – Day 8

  Yes, I’m on vacation. No, I’m not going anywhere…well lots of trips around the beautiful state of Colorado are in the plans. We are hoping to see some gorgeous fall colors in the mountains. My brother and his lovely bride are coming for a visit. That is vacation enough for me folks!   This […]


“R” – Blogging A to Z

  On our A to Z journey, I am allowing the article written by Jennifer Rainey Marquez titled “More Bliss, Less Stress: A to Z Happiness Boosters to Try”[i] in a recent Good Housekeeping magazine to be our guide. The idea she offers for the letter “r” is rub down.   Research tells us that […]


We Begin Again

  It’s Sunday morning. The beginning of the week. It’s a great opportunity to start over as well. Maybe this morning you need to get up and get to church. Maybe this morning you need to work on a relationship. Maybe this morning you realize that you need to eat healthier this week. Maybe this […]


The Challenge

  Good morning! It’s Sunday and that means you’re going to be reading a repeat blog post from the Blogging A to Z challenge I did in 2013. We are up to the letter “Q,” so today enjoy reading about a quagmire I encountered many years ago!   Oh, and don’t forget to spend time […]

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