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  Last night before falling asleep my husband read the news of the day. He mentioned that ISIS had publically beheaded a British aid worker. My thoughts immediately turned to prayer for this man’s family and asking God to dispel this evil in our world.   This morning, I read the Book of Ephesians (because […]


The Moon and the Stars

Last night as I headed to bed, I noticed how big and bright the moon was. I don’t follow the phases of the moon, so I don’t know if it was full. If it wasn’t, it was pretty close.   I took a couple pictures of the moon, even zoomed in with the camera on […]


“T” – Blogging A to Z

During the month of April, I’ve chosen to blog through the alphabet. Each day I will use a letter to share a Name of the Lord that begins with that letter based on Proverbs 18:10 and the fact that there is strength in the Lord’s Name. I pray you’ll be blessed and that you’ll stop […]


You’re Kidding?

You’re kidding? Two words in my word arsenal that I use a lot. Typically for something that really is unbelievable. Something  just too difficult to believe is true. My Mom uses this phrase too. I’ve heard it many times from her throughout my life.   I believe I used this phrase two times yesterday alone […]

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