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“Happy, Happy, Happy” – Musical Musings in March

  When I first heard this song, I smiled. A big smile. It’s fun. It’s energetic. It is one of those songs that can pull you out of the dumps and lift your spirits.   Now while there are some fun elements to this song, there is a message here for us.   We know […]


The Moon and the Stars

Last night as I headed to bed, I noticed how big and bright the moon was. I don’t follow the phases of the moon, so I don’t know if it was full. If it wasn’t, it was pretty close.   I took a couple pictures of the moon, even zoomed in with the camera on […]


I Know Better

My daughters and I are taking my grandkids to Boo at the Zoo tomorrow. The grandbabies will be dressed as “Sophia the First,” “Jake the Pirate,” and “Rapunzel.” It will be crowded (more in the parking lot than inside the zoo), but it is fun to go and watch people and see how the kids […]


Powering Through the Flood

My husband works in the power industry and he is one of those guys that keeps the lights on. It’s what he has done for years and he really enjoys what he does.   Last week the company he works for had a little celebration to thank their employees for all they had done through […]

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