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“Wash My Sins Away-Make Us Holy” – Musical Musings in March

  With Easter quickly approaching, we’ve been watching more and more television programs about Jesus and His life. While I can’t say that I agree with everything I hear in these programs, I do like that my television hours are focused more on Jesus and that His Name is being spoken for millions of people […]



  I walked through my front door yesterday morning at 8:10 am. It was a beautiful moment. While I loved being with my Ohio family and wouldn’t trade a single minute there, I missed home. I love the feeling that washes over me when I arrive home. My safe haven. My familiar place. The beauty, […]


What a Makeover!

  I’ve been working on this office of mine for a while. It seems that each day I tweak it just a bit. Change a section of the room. Fix what I feel needs fixing. It seems like it’s never ending and will never be finished.   What I do like is what has happened […]


Mountains and a Beach

We are undergoing a few changes in our household. I’m painting a couple of rooms. I’m moving furniture from upstairs to downstairs and vice versa. I’ve purchased a few new pieces. There are a lot of changes going on.   You see Mom will be visiting shortly and she will be here for a while. […]


Back in the Day

I’ve recently been reminded of my age. I know how hold I am but I guess what I was reminded of is how long I’ve been doing what I’ve been doing.   You know, you hear of people retiring from teaching and then start all over again with another organization and soon the person has […]

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