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Blimp – Blogging from A to Z (Sabbatical Post)

  Blimps fascinate me. They have for quite some time now. Their quiet approach. Their smooth sail. The fact that they are very large and yet have the ability to float through the air. They are a fun mode of transportation and through the cameras fixed upon them, they bring a bird’s-eye- view to many […]


It Begins

  As I closed out of my work computer yesterday, I realized that it was a special moment. In the closing of my work laptop, I closed a chapter of my life. When I open the laptop on Monday morning, a new chapter will begin. Now, am I ready for this new chapter? I believe […]


My Broom Tree

  It has been a great week. New places. New experiences. New ideas. New acquaintances. My mind is overwhelmed with all that was crammed into a short amount of time and space. Maybe that’s why it all happened in Las Vegas!   While I was dazed by all the sites, wonders, scents and tastes Las […]


“Days of Elijah” – Monday Musical Musings

If you were to walk into my office right about now, you’d see me dancing in my seat. I love this song and while the tune and rhythm and style grab my attention (and perhaps yours as well), the lyric of this song brings a smile to my face.   Here are the lyrics to […]

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