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What Will You Do Today?

It’s been a while I know, but today I thought would be a good day to spend some time writing. Of course, my thoughts and mind wandered to the cross and the impact it has had on the world.   This day is called Good Friday. But if you know biblical history, you know that […]


I’ve Been Trying…

  to write something of value this morning. I’ve tried several times, but nothing seems to be coming out well. So I’m going to share a repeated blog post today. Pray for me friends…I need some inspiration and I need this writer’s block to be short-lived!   Be Patient and Stand Firm   Last weekend, […]


Stop What You’re Doing

  My husband, Mason is a photographer. He has such a great eye for finding the perfect picture. But when we are out and about, he has a habit of seeing something that catches his eye and he says, “stop.” Since I am the one driving 99% of the time, it’s up to me to get […]


“U” – A to Z Challenge

  We’re coming to the end of this A to Z Challenge. I pray that you have found some interesting, encouraging and spiritually uplifting words through the month of April. I will miss April!   We have made the rounds to the letter “u.” Umbrella. Understanding. Unchanging. Unfailing. Unwholesome. Unproductive. Unity. These were all contenders […]


How Great is Our God/How Great Thou Art – Musical Musings in March (Sabbatical Post)

  Old and new. There is a special dance between the two. Especially in today’s world. Decorators use the two together. Artists try to make a new item look old. As odd as it may seem, they fit together and can complement one another.   It’s no different with music. There is an emergence of […]

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