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Did I Belong?

  Last week I had the opportunity to sit with a group of co-workers and discuss a discipleship program that was presented to us. The four of us on staff work in spiritual development of different groups in the church. We are excited about this particular curriculum and this was a great opportunity for us […]


Dream, Dream, Dream (Sabbatical Post)

  We are nearing the 2013 NASCAR season. Two weeks from today, the Daytona 500 will kick off the official season. But until then, there will be a great deal of racing events in the Daytona area.   I’ve had several dreams related to NASCAR. One was to go to the Daytona 500. I can […]



  I have recently found some beautiful verses of Scripture on Pinterest. I pray that you will enjoy them as much as I have!                   Grace and peace be yours in abundance,   Donna



  What a great week this has been. I’ve been very productive at work. I’ve had some wonderful meetings with lovely ladies. I’ve had a few conversations with some neighbors. I had a great work out at Praise in Motion. And some personal situations have gone very well this week.   However, I’ve had my […]


Gone Again – Vegas Respite Day 1

  I am excited to say that I will be attending a conference for a few days in Las Vegas! I’ve never been to Las Vegas. I’m not sure what to expect. I’ve heard the good and the bad. I’ve received advice. People have told me what to expect, but until I experience for myself, […]

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