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“Good News from Jerusalem” – Monday Musical Musings

  Don’t you love hearing good news. The birth of a baby. A job promotion. Health issues resolved. The return of a friend or loved one. A good day at school. These are all things we love to hear and are excited when we are the recipients of such news.   Sometimes when we hear […]


Go and Show

  I’m slowing writing the Book of Luke and oh the gems I’m finding. I could never share all of them, but today I wrote these words. “Go and show” from Luke 5:14 (NASB).   Jesus had healed a man with leprosy and He asked the man not to tell anyone that Jesus had healed […]


Intentional Living

  I’ve been in two long days of leadership training through Willow Creek. As usual, there were some awesome speakers and I have pages of notes to go over to find the best of the best pieces of wisdom that I can use in my work life, my personal life or my spiritual life. It’s […]


“Come and See Jesus” – Today’s Touch

  It’s Thursday and I remembered to write about poetry! I pray that you will find some joy in today’s poem.   The title of this poem caught my attention and as I read through it. I loved the many ways we can see Jesus throughout Scripture. As you come to see Jesus, He begins […]


Another Break – Day 6

  It’s Father’s Day! I am blessed to be with my Dad today and to worship with him. But I also have the privilege of hearing him preach the gospel. This is truly a blessing!   I pray that you will make the most of every moment you are with your parents…especially on this special […]

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