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Another Break – Day 6

  It’s Father’s Day! I am blessed to be with my Dad today and to worship with him. But I also have the privilege of hearing him preach the gospel. This is truly a blessing!   I pray that you will make the most of every moment you are with your parents…especially on this special […]


Get Yourself Ready Lesson 2

  This is what I wanted to share with you on Thursday…enjoy! Sorry, it’s kinda long.   I have had the blessing and honor of having builders in my life. My Dad was a craftsman who could build anything from a suitcase stand to a house! I loved working side-by-side with my Dad growing up. […]


Ingredients – Blogging from A to Z (Sabbatical Post)

  I love to cook. I find such joy while preparing a delicious meal, whether it is for two, 200 or somewhere in between. I have confidence in my skill and in my desire to find something unique to prepare, as well as my interest in learning something new.   Regardless of whether I use […]



If you are a baseball fan, you know the Major League Baseball All-Star game was played last night. You might also know a few details about the importance of this game. When the players break for the All-Star game, the baseball season is officially half over. The All-Star game also determines the home-field advantage for […]



I’m not sure where or how it all started, but TBT on Facebook is one of my favorite days to peruse friends and family status updates. Whether I knew them “back when” or not, seeing what once was draws each of us into different world. A world that perhaps no longer exists, but one in […]

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