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The Great American Pass Time (Sabbatical Post)

  “Take me out to the ball game” can be heard around the country once again. Some may say it’s boring, but I like it. I enjoy the sounds of baseball. Bats hitting balls. Balls being caught in baseball gloves. The voice of umpires as they make calls. I don’t know, I just like it. […]


Billy Ray Visit – Day 6

  My brother will be visiting this week. My husband and I have taken vacation and we plan to enjoy our time together.   I will be sharing an older blog post each day this week. I have found enough blog posts that mention my brother Billy Ray, so you will get to know him […]



If you are a baseball fan, you know the Major League Baseball All-Star game was played last night. You might also know a few details about the importance of this game. When the players break for the All-Star game, the baseball season is officially half over. The All-Star game also determines the home-field advantage for […]


Rain Delay

We have had the rain in Colorado over the past few days. The ground is saturated in some areas. There’s standing water in some locations. Rivers are rising. And the days continue to bring rain each afternoon.   In some cases, daily activities have come to a halt. Take my beloved Colorado Rockies baseball team […]


Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

It’s Sunday and I’m taking a break from writing something new. So I give you a baseball themed piece from last spring.   I pray that you’ll find God written all over the day. I believe you will if you keep your eyes open!   The Great American Pass Time   “Take me out to […]

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