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Billy Ray Visit – Day 6

  My brother will be visiting this week. My husband and I have taken vacation and we plan to enjoy our time together.   I will be sharing an older blog post each day this week. I have found enough blog posts that mention my brother Billy Ray, so you will get to know him […]


The Water Feature

  When we had our landscaping done several years ago, a water feature was a must have. While there was some disappointment with the final results, this water fall in my back yard was soothing for me. It was the perfect addition.   Through the years however, it has deteriorated. Some of the large rocks […]


“Go Light Your World” – Musical Musings in March

Maybe you know today’s tune. I was introduced to it years ago through Kathy Troccoli’s music. Her deep, rich voice brought music to life for me. And if it was in her “key,” it was my “key.” This song was one that I sang often and it still holds a special place in my heart. […]


Christmas Lights

It happened yesterday. My husband took down all of the outdoor Christmas lights. He knew we had a stream of bad weather coming in (it’s snowing pretty heavily this morning) and if he didn’t get them down yesterday while it was near 60° it would be a couple of weeks before he could get them […]


Forget an Ark

For those of you not experiencing the Colorado flooding, I’m sure you’ve seen pictures and video of the devastation here in Colorado. It is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. There is a massive amount of water everywhere. Roads are blocked due to water running over the roads. Destruction of property and loss of life has […]

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