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Transforming Words

  One of my greatest joys is to teach women about God’s Word and how it relates to our daily lives. I love how God used and uses His Bible to show us the inadequacies and the successes as we go through our spiritual journey. When I can share these truths with others, I’m so […]


Not Enough Time

  If you’re like me, you sometimes feel like you don’t have enough time in a day. I sat in a co-worker’s office yesterday and read some phrases on his wall. One of them said, “If you don’t think you have enough time in a day, stop watching television.”   I love that. Because to […]


Air Plants

If you know me well at all you know that I kill plants. Not that I mean to, but I find that I either over water or forget to water. I’ve never found the balance of caring for plants.   I will admit that I love seeing beautiful gardens. Maybe it’s because I’m so plant […]


What Next?

What is the date? February 7, right? Well as usual, time has flown by and now I’m in a bit of a jam. So I’m hoping you, my readers will be able to help.   You see, I lead two groups of ladies in Bible study. One group will be finishing up our current study […]


Paper and Colored Pencils

I love to try new things. Crafts. Foods. Experiences. It doesn’t matter what it is, if it catches my attention, I want to do it or make it. I think that’s why I love Pinterest so much.   I also love to try new things when it comes to Bible study or prayer time. Recently, […]

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