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“Z” – Blogging A to Z

  We’ve arrived. It’s the last day of April and the final posting about the alphabet. It’s been a great journey for me and I now will look forward to April 2016 with great enthusiasm.   As I complete this A to Z challenge, let’s look at the letter ‘”z” and see what God has […]


Proverbs 17:17

  Last night I had the privilege of being with a group of ladies who I would consider my friends. Women on staff that I work with and wives of the men I work with got together last night for an evening of fun. We each brought something to share and as it turns out, […]


It’s Back!

When you hear the words “Boogity, boogity, boogity. Let’s go racing boys!” Who or what do you think about? I think of three things. One: there is a race to watch. Two: Darrell Waltrip. Three: my Mom. Darrell Waltrip makes this comment each time a race begins and this is the ringtone for Mom.   […]



This may surprise you, but my main floor bathroom is still decorated. Several years ago, I decided to use snowmen as the theme in that bath so that I could leave it up a bit longer than I do Christmas décor. Since we have the chance to receive snowfall throughout the year, I thought these […]


Two Quotes

In one of the four books I’m currently reading, I found these two quotes that I like. The author calls them, God’s grammar rules. I call them good.   Quote #1: “Never put a period where God puts a comma.”[i]   In the account of Lazarus’ death (John 11:1-44), Jesus waited before going to Bethany. […]

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